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frequently asked questions & tips

  • What should we wear for our photoshoot?

    • ​Choose your outfits ahead of time to avoid last-minute stress! Complimentary colors, rather than matching outfits, will make your photographs natural and beautiful. Avoid bright patterns and graphic tees. Wear textured clothing and make sure to accessorize! If you need help choosing colors, let us know your preferred "vibe" prior to the shoot and we will discuss colors with you! Check out our Pinterest board for outfit ideas & to see our client closet! 

  • Should we eat before the photoshoot?

    • Photoshoots often occur early in the morning or a few hours before sunset. Ensure everyone has eaten prior to shooting the pictures - nobody likes having their picture taken when they're hangry! ​

  • What's the best way to pose during the shoot?

    • Photos don't need to be perfectly posed. In fact, most of the best photographs look candid and authentic because the clients forgot the camera was even there. Be yourself and ignore us! If you do want posed images, we will help you on-site with a few key pointers.

  • How long will it take to get our photos back? 

    • We strive to send a few preview photos within a day of the shoot. The remainder of the images will be delivered within the time frame written in your contract. 

  • Can I have every picture you take? 

    • We take hundreds of images during the photoshoot. Some of them are test shots; most are duplicates. We go through each image and choose the best of the best to ensure you have a beautiful portfolio to choose from. Please know that the images you are sent are the ones we know you will love. 

  • We are not photogenic - how do we make sure our pictures look good?

    • Have fun! ​If you are worrying about how your images will turn out, the camera will notice. Relax! As long as your photographs look natural, they will look amazing. 

  • Can I upload my images to social media?

    • Yes! We love when our clients share their images on their profiles! We only ask that you not edit the images in any way  (sorry - no adding filters).



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